Substance Source

The Substance Source plugin is an integration inside Substance Painter of the online material database which allows to download PBR materials directly into the shelf. 
For more information, see :

Because of a recent change of the Substance Source platform an update of the plugin is required to be able to download materials again.
This update is manual for user of Substance Painter before 2019.3. Newer versions already have the updated plugin.

To install the new plugin :

  1. Download the new plugin :
  2. Go into your user "Documents" folder (see Creating a plugin )
  3. Go into "Allegorithmic" then "Substance Painter" folder
  4. Go into the "plugins" folder
  5. Remove the existing "substance-source" folder
  6. Extract the content of the zip archive into the folder
  7. Reload the plugin if Substance Painter is already running