Contextual Toolbar

A toolbar on top of the viewport displays shortcuts to commonly used settings of the currently selected tool:

 if polygon fill selected, the contextual toolbar displays the following options:

This bar also contains viewport options as well as shortcuts to the Render mode:

Substance Share / Substance Store

The Substance Share icon can be used as a shortcut to open a Substance Share webpage and log you into your account automatically.

The Substance Store icon can be used as shortcut to open the Substance Store webpage and log you into your account automatically.

Painting Toolbar

  • Paint
  • Eraser
  • Projection
  • Polygon fill
  • Smudge
  • Clone
  • Material picker

Painting Tools

There are multiple type of painting tools available in Substance Painter.
Below is a brief overview, you can read more details about those painting tools on the dedicated page : Painting Tools


  • Paint : Regular paint tool based on brush presets that can be used on layers/masks.
  • Physical Paint : Paint tool with physics properties based on particles presets.


  • Eraser : Special Paint too to remove content on a layers/masks.
  • Physical Eraser : Paint eraser with physics properties based on particles presets.


  • Projection : Paint tool based on screenspace projection. This tool will display and repeat a pattern over the viewport.
  • Physical projection : Projection paint tool with physics properties based on particles presets.


  • Polygon fill : Paint tool that works by selecting the geometry of the mesh either via vertices, triangles, continuous mesh parts or UV islands.

Material Picker


The Material picker allow to quickly retrieve a full material set of values from any point over the 3D mesh present in the viewport.
The picker will load all the channel available under the mouse click into the current tool. This tool doesn't work on fill layer.

Lazy Mouse

The Lazy mouse adds a distance behind your current brush. This creates a sort of delay that allows more precise brush strokes.
The distance can be changed with the slide next to the button. The distance is computed in screen-space.


Symmetry Tools

Choose on which axis you want to use a symmetry when performing brush strokes.


Viewport layout

Choose which layout to display between the 3D View, the 2D View, or both at the same time.

Camera Tools

Switch between constrained rotation (rotation on two axis only) and free rotation (rotation on three axis) for the viewport camera in the 3D View.