UV Projection

The UV Projection is a 2D Projection that works in the Texture space.



Controls how the texture or material will be filtered. This settings can impact how the texture look when repeated multiple times. With high scaling values using a different filtering than the default may produce better looking result. Current settings available:

  • Bilinear | HQ : (default) Advanced bilinear filtering that try to improve the quality of the texture when the tiling values are high
  • Bilinear | Sharp : Simple bilinear filtering that smooths the texture slightly but try to preserve details.
  • Nearest : No filtering, useful if the Bilinear filtering gives a blurry result and breaks fine details. Can introduce aliasing in the texture.
UV Wrap

Controls how the Material / Image projected should repeat inside the projection shape. Possible values are:

  • None : There is no repetition of the projection.
  • Repeat horizontally : Repeat only horizontally.
  • Repeat vertically : Repeat only vertically.
  • Repeat (default) : Repeat both horizontally and vertically.

UV Transformation

ScaleDefines how many time the texture will repeat when projected onto the mesh.
RotationControl the angle at which the texture is projected onto the mesh.

Control from where the texture will be projected. Default value means the texture center is at the center of the mesh UV.


The UV Projection use a manipulator that is only available in the 2D view.