V-Ray for Maya

Maya 2016 Extension 2 - VRay for Maya 3.4

The V-Ray material uses a Diffuse, Reflection, Glossiness workflow. In Substance Painter, you have the ability to work with metallic/Roughess or Specular/Glossiness workflows and these shaders are geared towards real-time usage. However, Substance Painter can export textures for use with V-Ray. By using the V-Ray export preset, Substance Painter will export the converted maps needed to work the V-Ray material. It is recommended to work with V-Ray 3.1 and higher in order to use the GGX BRDF, which will more closely match the Substance Painter viewport. 

Download Example Scene

Substance Painter Export

  1. In your Project go to File / Export Textures...
  2. In the Export Tab, select the Vray Configuration and click Export. 

V-Ray Material Setup

  1. Create a VRayMtl material
  2. Import the textures exported from Substance Painter into Maya
  3. Hook up the textures to the input channels as follows...

    Substance Painter TextureColorspaceV-Ray Material Channel
    DiffusesRGBDiffuse Color
    ReflectionsRGBReflection Color
    GlossinessRAWReflection Glossiness
    IOR*RAWFresnel IOR*
    NormalRAWBump and Normal Mapping

    * Uncheck Lock Fresnel IOR to Refraction IOR
    * Set the BRDF Type to GGX in the Reflection parameters



It's important to make sure that textures are interpreted properly for a linear workflow. You can change the colorspace for textures on the Texture2D node. Be sure to set the Colorspace for each map as listed in the above table. 

In the V-Ray render settings under Color mapping, use the options shown in the following image.