Version 2017.2

Substance Painter 2017.2 introduces a new powerful feature via the Anchor point system. It allows to create more advanced configurations in the layer stack which opens up a lot of new possibilities.

Release date : 27 July 2017

Major Features

New Anchor point effect

A new effect type has been added to Substance Painter, next to the already existing such as Filter and Level you can now find the new Anchor point. This new effect allow to define a location in the layer stack that can then be referenced across the rest of the project in any other layers. This allow for example to use the height information from a layer into the mask of a layer just above this one, allowing a more natural blending (as illustrated by the gif above).

Because the Anchor works as an effect, in can be created in many situations : the content of a layer, the mask and even as a pass-through filter. The effect also work even if the layer where it is located is disabled. Note that the Anchor define only a location, not what you can retrieve from it. This information is defined where the reference to the anchor is created.

For more technical details and examples, see the dedicated page : Anchor Point

New various improvements

Alongside the new Anchor point effect, we also worked on :

  • The ability to rename some effects, such as the Fill and Paint
  • New scripting functions, allowing to create a live-link with other applications such as Unity


The new features are covered in details in our latest videos :

Release Notes


(Released 27 July 2017)

Added :

  • [Effect] New Anchor Point that allow layer and mask referencing
  • [Layers] Ability to rename Fill and Paint Effects
  • [Plugin] Updated Substance Source plugin
  • [Scripting] Allow to query Texture Set Resolution
  • [Scripting] Allow to get the status of the Painting engine
  • [Performance] Improved project loading and brush stamping optimizations

Fixed : 

  • [Tool] Performance issues when tweaking material parameters
  • [Engine] Disappearing brush strokes when changing resolution (4K>2K)
  • [3D View] Tangent space is not synched with bakers
  • [Shelf] Shelf path in the user documents isn't created automatically
  • [Shelf] Make presets compatible with previous versions after an update
  • [Shader] Non-PBR shader doesn't work anymore
  • [Bakers] ID Map Baking fail with Match By Name enabled
  • [Sample] Meet Mat sample project Texture Set names are incorrect
  • Saving a project before creating a template returns write permission errors